Project Description

JXJ Series Cookie Capper (Sandwiching Machine)


This cookie capper can be connected to the outlet conveyor of the biscuit plant, and it can automatically align, deposit and cap at speeds of 300 cookies rows (150 rows of sandwiches) per minute. Various types of soft and hard biscuits, cakes can be processed

Deposition variations:

  • Marshmallow;
  • Aerated Chocolate;
  • Caramels & Toffee;
  • Jams And Jellies;
  • Fresh & Non-Dairy Cream;
  • Butter & Margarine.


  • Food standard stainless steel 304 made
  • Available for various kinds of filling or capping biscuits or cakes
  • PLC Servo controlled ,high speed capacities
  • Available to be connected to the conveyor of biscuit plant
  • Precision depositing on the cookies

Chocolate Samples

Production Lines Details

Technical Parameters

Production capacity3000~6000pcs/hour9000~12000pcs/hour14400~21600pcs/hour
Dia. Of deposited productAs DegisnedAs DegisnedAs Degisned
Depositing speed20~30strokes/min20~30strokes/min20~30strokes/min
Steam consumption180kg/h200kg/h250kg/h
Steam pressure0.2~0.6 Mpa0.2~0.6 Mpa0.2~0.6 Mpa
Electric power neededAppro.2KW/380VAppro.12KW/380VAppro.40kW/440V(220V)
Compressed air consumption0.6mP3P/min1.5mP3P/min1.5mP3P/min
Compressed air pressure0.6~0.8Mpa0.6~0.8Mpa0.6~0.8Mpa
Conditions needed for  the cooling system:
1.Room temperature22~25℃22~25℃22~25℃
Gross weight8000Kgs12000Kgs15000Kgs

The Machinery to Produce Cookie

JXJ-Biscuit Magazine Feeder

Biscuit Magazine Feeder

  • Stainless steel 304 made
  • Roller bases feed section for smooth transition
  • Simple and dependable
  • Simple adjustments minimize setup and changeover time
  • Easy to learn and operate
JXJ-Biscuit Indexing Device

Biscuit Indexing Device

This section includes technically advanced method for flipping every other row to provide alternate rows of tops and bottoms. It can provide speeds to 300 rows per minutes.

JXJ-Depositing Manifold

Depositing Manifold

A series of flow control valves, one for each individual depositing nozzle, fine tunes the pressure balance across the manifold.

Flip-slide Device

Flip-slide Device

This section includes a technically advanced method for flipping every other row to provide alternate rows of tops and bottoms. It can provide speeds to 300 rows per minutes.
A device provided the precise registration of product prior do a deposit and capping operation.

JXJ-Top Biscuit Placing Device 1

Top Biscuit Placing Device

Capping is accomplished when the tops and deposited bottoms are presented to the capping station.

The tops are registered and lifted by special vacuum jets and placed on the top of the bottoms.

PLC Controller Hard Candy GD

PLC Controller

  • Full PLC control and touch screen provide full process operation;
  • Recipe managerment and alarm handling;
  • Accurate control of the product dimensions and weight.

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