Mainparts of the jelly gummy making machine


This gummy / jelly production line can produce gelatin or pectin based jelly candy, also can produce the 3D jelly candies. The depositor also can be used to produce the deposited toffees via change-over the moulds.

The whole line consists of batch-wise jelly cooking system, FCA(flavor, color, and acid) dosing and mixing system, multi-purpose candy depositer, cooling tunnel, sugar coating machine, or oil coater.

Production Line Details

Jelly Candy Manufacturing Process: The Comprehensive Guide

Chapter 1. What is Jelly Candy

Jelly candy also called gummy candy, gummies, jelly fruit candy, jellies are a broad category of gelatin-based chewable sweets. Gummi bears and Jelly beans are widely popular and are a well-known part of the sweets industry. Jelly candy are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors.Haribo(German Brand) is the original maker of gummy candies, The Gold-Bear gummy bears made in 1920 in Bonn by their commercial jelly making machines. The company has since expanded its jelly candy product line to include gummy frogs, gummy fruit, gummy mice and gummy dinosaurs, which are sold in stores and online around the world.

What is Jelly CandyGummy candy/jelly candy

Chapter 2. Eight Popular Jelly Candy Shapes Around The World

There’re different shapes of jelly candy, here list parts of jelly popular ones:

  • Gummy bears
  • Jelly bottles
  • Jelly beans
  • Fruit Jelly
  • Lego gummy
  • Worm gummies
  • Gummy sharks
  • Jelly rings

3d-gummy-fruits-gummies Different shapes of gummy candy/ jelly candy

Chapter 3. Seven Benefits of Jelly Candy

Why Jelly Candy is enjoyed all around the world, let see seven benefits of jelly candy:

  • Jelly candy characterized by a nice, delicate texture
  • Jelly candy a sweet taste, elastic and chewy, it brings you a wonderful mouthfeel
  • It can be easily designed your own shapes, as per your heart desires, even with a company LOGO
  • You can easily combine multi-vitamins with your jelly candy, a healthy candy
  • Jelly candy has strong competitiveness in the market in comparison to other forms of candy
  • It is a healthy post-workout snack
  • Fat free, contains protein, will be benefits if it included in the diet

Chapter 4. Jelly Candy Formula | Jelly Candy Recipe

There are 3 different bases of the jelly candy.

  1. Gelatin based jelly candy
  2. Pectin based jelly candy
  3. Carrageenan based jelly candy

You can make jelly candy by using different types of ingredients depending on the target market.

Jelly candies are made from Gelatin|Pectin|Carrageenan, Glucose syrup, sugar, purified water, sodium citrate, fruit and plant extracts, flavors, colors, and a little citric acid, etc, blended all these ingredients controlling various characteristics to come up with the best taste and texture.

For health benefits, you can make Organic Jelly, multivitamins Jelly and more which approved by food experts.

Let’s see the details of the main ingredients for making the Jelly candy:


The white stuff we know as sugar is sucrose, Like all compounds made from these three elements, sugar is a carbohydrate. It’s found naturally in most plants, but especially in sugarcane and sugar beets.


Gelatin is a natural protein derived from raw collagen, which is a safe product. It contains eighteen amino acids, some of which are essential parts of a healthy diet.

This is the main ingredient that you require for the making of gummy bear candy. It will form a gel-like, thick solution when you mix it properly with the right amount of ingredients including water. Mixing gelatin properly in the right conditions will lead to the formation of a chewy gummy texture of the Jelly candy.

Glucose Syrup

Glucose syrup also known as confectioner’s glucose is a liquid sweetener that is well-tolerated and very versatile. Glucose is sugar. It creates long carbohydrate molecules that get all tangled up and prevents the other sugars from crystallizing and gives Jelly candy its translucent appearance.

Purified Water

The universal and the main solvent that you will use in mixing all the ingredients for making gummy candy. The proportions of water that you add to the mixture for a perfect mixture. It is also the main lubrication ingredient that assists in making the gummy bear candy softer.

Sodium Citrate

Sodium citrate to assure the Jelly candy uniformity and product purity.


To give Jelly candy different mouth feeling of flavors. You can also make different types of Jelly candy flavors including orange, raspberry, cherry, grape, pineapple, strawberry, and lemon among others.

Food Colors

Food color also called color additive, it is the key to making a variety of color gummies.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is an important ingredient in Jelly candies to help wake up the flavor. It comes from citrus fruits and juices. It’s also a preservative that ensures long shelf life for jelly candy.

Chapter 5. How Jelly Candy is Produced by Commercial Jelly Production Line?

Let’s take a video how Jelly candy making by commercial jelly candy making machine?

How jelly candy making by commercial jelly candy making machine?

What’re the mainparts of the jelly/gummy making machine?

Mainparts of the jelly gummy making machine
Mainparts of jelly/gummy making machine

Click to learn all the jelly making machines in the whole jelly production line.

Step by step jelly candy manufacturing process:

Jelly Candy Manufacturing Process

  1. Put gelatin in water with temperature 80-90(Degrees Celsius), standby after it dissolved completely.
  2. Pour sugar glucose water into the cooker, stop heating when the temperature reaches 114-120degree, BRIX. APPROX. 88%-90%,then pump the syrup to the storage tank for cooling, the goal temp. around 70 degrees and mix with the gelatin solution completely.
  3. Pump the syrup into the mixer and add the color, flavor, acid while transfer the mixed syrup to the candy depositor hopper.
  4. Filling the molds by candy depositor automatically.
  5. After jelly/gummy depositing, the mold will be transferred into the cooling tunnel(8-12min continous moving), the tunnel temperature around 5-10 degrees.
  6. Jelly/Gummy De-molding automatically.
  7. Sugar coating jelly/gummy or oil coating jelly/gummy if needed.
  8. Put the jelly/gummy candy finished product into the drying room for around 8-12 hours.
  9. Packing the Jelly candies.

Jelly candy making process, check videos:

Gummy Bear Manufacturing Process

Juicy Jelly Manufacturing Process

Chapter 6. Gelatin based Jelly Candy Should Be Dried Before Packaging

Like Chapter 4 mentioned, there’re 3 different bases of Jelly candy, Pectin based Jelly candy and Carrageenan based Jelly candy no need drying room, only the Gelatin based Jelly need to build a drying room.

The jelly candy drying room will be like this:

jelly candy drying room drawingJelly candy drying room drawing

 When the Jelly candy came out from the candy cooling tunnel, it will placed in the plastic trays. Then moving to the drying room for 8-12 hours before packaging.

Gummy placed in the plastic trays

gummy in drying roomGummy in drying room

Chapter 7. How to Check the Quality of Jelly Making Machine?

If you search jelly making machines or gummy making machines, you can find plenty of jelly or gummy machine suppliers, Although these jelly/gummy making machines look very similar in appearance, the jelly candy manufacturing level and quality of the inner parts are much different.

Here’s a checklist for you to ensure the jelly gummy making machine can be used for 15-20years:

  • Automatic candy mold lifting with PLC control

    Easy for your further jelly candy manufacturing business, you can change the jelly candy molds and formula easily to make another type of jelly candies.

Automatic candy mold lifting with PLC controlJelly mould lift control by Hand Vs PLC

  • Ask for continuous argon arc welding, your jelly making machines DO NOT use electro welding, spot welding.

    Please imagine if poor welding for jelly machine, it will be leaking, it can not bear water pressure testing

    • The material is SS201, poor welding, it is normal to have leakage. (Photo in Left)
    • The material is SS304, good welding and polishing. All the jacket pipe is pass the water pressure testing. (Photo in Right)

Poor vs Good pipe welding comparedPoor vs Good pipe welding compared

  • Ask for a reasonable connection with safety cover for the whole jelly making machine

    • Poor connection and welding, the jelly making equipment will leakage everywhere. (Photo in Left)
    • Good welding, reasonable connection for jelly making equipment, No leakage, with safety cover. (Photo in Right)

connection and welding compareConnection and welding compare

Ask for jelly candy molds falling down with the jelly machine’s detect device

Left image of the jelly candy making machine Without mould falling detct device at end of chain, there is no ! Once mould falling, and will crush the mould and making big mass of the jelly machine.
Right image of jelly candy making machine With mould falling detect device installed on every jelly depositng machine

mould falling detect deviceFunction of Mould falling detect device

Notice: Without mold falling down, you will get mass problems while jelly candy producing and take a long time to repair. And the same problems will happen again and again in the jelly manufacturing process in the future.

  • Ask for quality discharge pump which can bear enough pressure

    If your cooker hight 4Meters, the pump must be bear 6 or 8meters high. unless how can the syrup/water go through.

    • Poor quality pump, can not provide enough pressure for water. (Photo in Left)
    • Pump made by famous brand, good quality, enough pressure and stable performance. (Photo in Right)

Poor-quality Pump Vs Brand PumpPoor-quality Pump Vs Brand Pump

  • Ask for the Electroplating treatment with Food hygienic standard for commercial jelly making machine.

    • DO NOT use an iron with Spray paint. (Photo in Left)
    • Choose the electroplating treatment (photo in right)for the jelly machine base.

Surface spray painting Vs Electroplating treatmentSurface spray painting Vs Electroplating treatment

  • Dopositor hopper frame of industrial jelly machine, Ask for Slider can bear high weight. DO NOT use ROUND Rail

    • Round rail, can not handle high weight, easy to wear out. No any safety warning!!! (Photo in Left)
    • Stand rail, can handle high weight, can running the jelly candy production long time without wear out. Any necessary part of jelly making machine shall have safety warning! (Photo in Right)

Stand Rail & Safety WarningStand Rail & Safety Warning

  • Ask for the SUS304 food standard for the jelly candy mold chain and frame. DO NOT use IRON

Iron material VS. Stainless steel material used in Jelly making machineIron material VS. Stainless steel material used in Jelly making machine

  • Ask your supplier to use brand components for industrial jelly machinery

    1) All parts which contact the food are made of SUS304
    2) The frame and body cover are made of Stainless steel
    3) Servo motors: TECO | COTRUST
    4) Inverters: LG | Delta
    5) Refrigerator : Danfoss | Coopland
    6) Dosing pump: RDOSE
    7) Touch screen: SIEMENS
    8) Relay: SIEMENS

Chapter 8. Custom Options for Jelly Making Machines

Everyone has unique needs for your brand jelly, here are some customized parts you can ask from your suppliers:

  • Design the jelly making machine to a straight line | U-Type line | L-type line as per your workshop.
  • Design the jelly making machine with fully automatic | semi-automatic based on your budget.
  • Design unique jelly candy mold
    • Teflon coating Aluminum candy mold
    • Silicon candy mold

gummy mold-3.8g2D gummy bear mold

2.5g jelly bear2D multi-fruit jelly candy mold

Silicon candy mold

Silicon candy mold

3D Strawberry jelly candy mold
3D Strawberry jelly candy mold

3D mango gummy candy mold
3D mango gummy candy mold

  • Different types of Jelly candies you can make by the same jelly making machine, just order extra depositing spares, Depositing plate or called depositing nozzles.Copper Nozzles
    • Single color Jelly candy
    • Double color Jelly candy
    • Filled Jelly candy/Stuffed Jelly candy

colorful gummy wormsColorful gummy worms

Chapter 9. How Many Workers Needed for a Jelly Production Line

For the Gummy Jelly Candy Depositing Line, the row number of mold from 1-4.

  • One row mold in a jelly candy production line, Max 150kgs/h
  • Two-row mold in a jelly candy production line, Max 300kgs/h
  • Three-row mold in a jelly candy production line, Max450kgs/h
  • Four-row mold in a jelly candy production line, Max 600kgs/h

The final capacity of jelly candy production will depend on each jelly candy weight.

No matter which line, they all semi-auto or fully automatic jelly making line, which controlled by PLC.

So 2-3 Workers can handle the complete jelly candy production line. this does not include jelly candy packaging work.

Check this jelly candy processing line schematic layout:Jelly candy processing line Schematic layoutSchematic layout for jelly production line

Worker 1 & 2 in charge of filling the jelly raw materials to the cooking unit, and take a look at the jelly depositor, worker 3 collects final product gummy jelly candies to the trays.

Chapter 10. Storage Conditions for the Jelly Candy

If the Jelly candy exposed in conditions of high humidity will result in the moisture migration of water molecules from the surrounding environment into the candy, that will shorten it’s shelf life, reduce the mouth feelings. You may ask what is the shelf life of jelly candy?

The jelly candy should be good for 6-12 months depends on how it was stored.

As a jelly candy manufacturer, how to storage the jelly candy? how to make sure jelly candy stays fresh?

After your jelly candy finished it’s drying process, packaging them in time.

Jelly candy should be stored in a dark, cool and dry area. If the packaging has not been opened, it will last approximately 12 months.

Chapter 11. How to Package the Jelly Candies

The right packaging should be eye-catching, easy for retail outlets to stock. Single twist packaging or double twist packaging do not suit gummies, Usually, jelly candies packed in the three ways:

  • A single pillow bag (Samples from our India customer, brand name FRU)
  • A pouch packing
  • A plastic bottle, healthy gummies like Organic gummy, Vitamin gummies, etc (Samples from USA customer, brand name Pharmvista)

3 gummy jelly packing types

3 types of our clients’ jelly packing solution for reference

How are these jelly candy packaging machine working? All these packagings keep jelly candies in a closed package, maximum protection against the moisture lost.

Chapter 12. Two Upgrades You May Face During Jelly Candy Manufacturing Process

Most people love to try new flavors, please Checking the jelly candy industry trends frequently. with google, youtube, amazon, or well-know magazines, etc.

  • Updating the jelly candy formula, keep your jelly candy follow the latest trends. for instance, (cannabidiol) CBD gummies, (tetrahydrocannabinol)THC gummies.
  • Updating the jelly shapes, which means change old jelly candy molds to new ones. for example, Peppa Pig gummies, PAW Patrol gummies.
  • Updating some spares you can make single color jelly candy to double color jelly candy.

Chapter 13. Other Related Suppliers Should Be Consider For The Jelly Making Machine Preliminary Investors

  • Raw material suppliers, like sugar, liquid glucose, gelatin, candy additives suppliers.
  • Plastic trays for drying the jelly candy before packaging.
  • Candy packaging machines suppliers.
  • Packing film for jelly candy packaging suppliers.
  • Air compressor supplier (de-molding and packaging stage will need air compressor).
  • Cooling tower supplier, some jelly making machine manufacturers can supply it together with the production line, for smaller lines, using fan cooling instead of the cooling tower.
  • Steam boiler supplier, which suits for huge industrial jelly candy production lines.

We suggest you should choose a professional team who can provide the turn-key project solution for jelly candy production lines building up, who has one-stop operational resource that covers all or parts of manufacturing bases for jelly candy equipment, candy packaging equipment.

And the jelly candy making machine and its manufacturers & suppliers from China will be a good choice for starting-up or updating your jelly candy business.

Chapter 14. What is the Cost to Import the Jelly Making Machines from China

Based on your budget and your local workers’ average wage to determine which line suits you. The jelly candy production line can be designed from semi-auto line to fully automatic line.

The whole line price range: US$30,000 to US$280,000, you can get a line capacity from 50-600kgs/h.

Take an example, If you have a plant with 5M*8M=40Square meters, you can start your jelly candy business.

Chapter 15. How iSweetech Support the Jelly Making Machine Buyers?

Aftersales Services

  • Free layout design for your jelly candy production line
  • Free assembling and installation of jelly making machines
  • Free trial-production and local team training for how to operate all the jelly equipment.
  • Free jelly recipes
  • The buyer needs to pay US$100/day/person for the technician as the salary. Expense for the round-way air tickets, the board and lodging, local transportation of our technicians during their stay at the factory are at buyer’s cost.


  • 12 months guarantee since the date of successful installation
  • The seller will supply the 2 years spares for free together with the gummy jelly making machines;
  • During the warranty period, any problems/defaults happen on the hard parts of the jelly making equipment ,the seller will replace the parts or send the technicians to go to the buyer’s site for repairing and maintenance our jelly machines at free. If the defaults are aroused by the defaulted operations of the buyer, or the buyer needs the technical assistance for the further problems aroused(after the 1st FREE installation), the buyer should be responsible for all our technician’s service cost and their allowance.

Chapter 16. Case Studies-Industrial Jelly Candy Projects Around the World (Continuously updating)

Jelly making machine ordering process from One Spanish customer. spain-customer jelly business case study

Jelly sample of our Spanish customerJelly sample of our Spanish customer

Customer Backgroud

  • Already have gummy jelly making machines which bought from Europe.
  • After 1st round selection around the world suppliers. Initial plan to buy jelly machines from China if everything matched well.

Customer Requirements

  • High quality jelly candy
  • Expand jelly candy production to 300-500kgs/h
  • European standard gummy jelly making machinery
  • Max automatic jelly candy processing line, automatic weighing, flavor, color, acid mixing, Cleaning, etc.
  • Swift response for problem solving

How we served for this customerHow we served for this customer

First Round Discussion

We’ve discussed about Certificates, Experience, Pre-sales services, Delivery time, After-sales services.

  • Certificates for our company and jelly machines
    • ISO9001
    • CE
    • SGS Certificates
    • BV Field Certificate
    • Patents Certificates
    • Sigma Credit
  • Experience for Confectionery Candy Production Line
    • 22years experience
    • Exported our confectionery making machine to 90+ Countries
    • 300+ Customers choosed us and our candy making machines
  • Pre-sales Services
    • Smoothed communication for questions and answers of jelly candy production line
    • Swift response 24/7/365 for your jelly production project questions
    • Recommended Solutions as your company status and requirements
    • Customized layout design of jelly candy production line
  • Delivery
    • 60-80 Days for jelly making machines manufacturing and (Based on final requirement)
  • After-sales services
    • Free layout design
    • Free assembling and installation
    • Free trial-Production and local team training
    • Free recipes

1st round discusstion1st Round Discusstion

Second Round Discussion

Twice Teleconference calls with both technical teams, based on the following topics.

  • High labor cost in Spain, Maximum the automaticity, minimize human errors
  • Raw material weighing and feeding automatically
  • Color, Flavor, Acid adding & mixing automatically
  • On-line cleaning, Save time and labor cost for jelly candy production project

Third Round Discussion-Fly to China for Field Inspection

Communication Records in Our CompanySome Communication Records in Our Company

NO.Customer Rquirement Provided SolutionsProvided Solutions
1Fully automatic jelly making machinery with 350kgs/h※ 500kgs/h automatic weighing system
※ 400kgs/h jelly continuous cooking unit
※ 400L storage tank; 1T/h feeding lobe pump
All these to confirm the final gummy products reach 350kg/h.
2Jelly Color, Flavor, Acid adding automaticallyGravimetric dosing and mixing system for the Jelly candy additives,even each additive with an automatic weighing vessel.
3Automatic temperature control, For one secret gummies, the cooking temperature should reach 130 DegreeYes, the cooker can be designed.
4Aluminum candy mold and silicon mold both needed.Two types of candy mold using the different de-molding system. Need to design Two sets of de-molding systems (Details reference to Chapter 8)
5Single color gummies and double color gummies both needed.Two sets of depositing nozzles. change the nozzles, can make different types of gummies.
6Online-cleaning for the jelly making machineDesign a Cleaner system, which can be controlled by PLC. push the bottom, cleaning the jelly candy making machinery in minutes.  using a T/h pump for this cleaner to unsure the water go through the machinery with enough power.
7Limited space for placing the new jelly production line, how to design the new jelly making machine with smoothly running and workingMake a U type jelly manufacturing line. Using SUS304 to make a support platform upon the jelly candy depositor machine, saved 10squere meters.
8Payment termsBoth agreed

Start jelly making machine production

  • Report about the jelly making machine manufacturing process every 2weeks with photos and videos

On-line acceptance inspection for the jelly making machine

Now COVID-19 spreading in European countries. So my customer prefers on-line acceptance inspection. making real production for their team checking and confirmation.
They are very satisfied with our work. The honor is ours to handover the right equipment.

Parts of this morder commercial jelly candy machine photos.
Spain gummy line

Quick video guide for this fully automatic jelly candy production line


jelly making machine shipping photoJelly making machine shipping photo


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