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About iSweetch

iSweetech is a Brand of Confectionery Equipments & Production Solution Provider, Supported by a Great Team and the Manufacturer Yinrich Co, Ltd.

The Manufacturer, Yinrich Co, Ltd is a professional candy & chocolate equipment supplier in China since 1998. Our factory located in Wuhu, Specialize in high-quality confectionery and chocolate processing and packaging machinery, we have our own technical standards and strict manufacturing process and is ISO9001 certified.

Our production today ranges from die-forming, depositing, extruding to chocolate moulding lines, biscuit sandwiching machines, automatic macaroon processing lines, packaging machines, customized candy & chocolate molds for the confectionery industry.

Using our professional cooperation team to help you set up the whole line or start a small business with a limited budget but high production.

What We Have Achieved In The Past 24 Years?

Invented 6 Technology Patents for Confectionery Industry
Invented and improved 20+ processing lines and services
Approved by ISO9001, CE, BV, SGS Certificate Types.
Exported to 60+ countries worldwide

The Brands that Our Machines Served

What Does The Future Hold?

We strive to continuously upgrade the equipment, study the most advanced technologies and update services to be your strong supporter and a close partner in China.

We manufacture machines according to the requirement of our customers.

Their requests as well as the particular requirements of the product are taken into account at all times and may even lead to a totally new design. We’d like challenging, to strengthen our technical advantage and improve our manufacturing process.

We aim to gain your satisfaction and learn from challenges.

iSweetech Business Range

iSweetech Equipments for confectionery industry

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