Project Description

High Capacity Chocolate Belt coater Belt coating machine isweetech

Chocolate belt coater is an automatic dragee coating machine, it is an ideal equipment to replace the numerous coating pans, save manpower and get high capacity. It is engineered to deliver uniform coatings of white OR black chocolate, yogurt, sugar solutions to a variety of centered products such as nuts, dried fruit, hard or soft candy, cereals, etc. The chocolate belt coating machine will be connected to the chocolate warm-keeping tank, chocolate pump and tubes, to coating the products in a short time.

Ideal Applications (What can be coated)


Features & Advantages

  • Automatic coating with high capacity
  • Uniform coatings than coating pans
  • Simplifies the loading and discharging of product
  • PLC controlled, easy operating and maintenance
  • Chocolate spraying nozzles speed adjustable

Chocolate coated for

  • Nuts
  • Dried fruit
  • Hard Or soft candy
  • Puffed rice balls
  • Cereals balls
  • Coffee beans
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Raisin

Technical Parameters

ModelCBC1500 Chocolate Belt Coater
Belt width1500mm
Belt speed5~20M/min
MaterialFood-grade SS304
Food-grade plastic belt
ConditionsTemperature 20~25℃
Humidity ≤55%
Compressed air0.4MPa
Outside dimensions3200*1600*2850mm

Work with 1T Chocolate Warm-keeping Tank & Chocolate Pump


The chocolate warm-keeping tank is one of the essential equipment during chocolate processing. It is used for the warm–keeping storage of the refined chocolate paste, which can meet the technical requirement of continuous chocolate production. The tanks not only have the functions of cooling, warming, and warm-keeping, but also can continuously make the stirring, which have the functions of de-gassing, de-odor, de-water, and preventing the separation of mass and fat.

Chocolate warm-keeping tank Technical Parameters

  • Max Volume: 1000L
  • Main reel speed(rpm): 24
  • Main Power: 2.2KW
  • Weight: 1000KGS
  • Dimension: 1220x1220x1850mm

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