Project Description

QZ500 Automatic Chocolate Forming Line For Extruding Chocolate Sticks


The line contains feeding, squeezing and rotating device, and automatic cutting mechanism and two sets of a cooling system, it is different from the traditional ones in pouring technology. The newly available hollowed chocolate sticks with patterns are unique. which make all the hand-operated production lines lag far behind. besides, certain fine particles, such as crystal sugar, brittle nuts and smashed nuts and be mixed into the chocolate sticks to make assorted chocolate products, the speed of machine is adjustable and the output is high, being new products in the confectionery market.

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Technical Parameters

Production capacity 200-400kg/h
The belt widt500mm
Dimension(Lx W x H)25000x950x1900mm

Chocolate Samples

The Machinery to Produce Chocolate

Sugar Powder Machine

Sugar Powder Machine

This machine is suitable for material crushing by the industries of Pharmaceutics, chemical, and foodstuff etc.

This machine uses the relative movement between the active fluted disc and the fixed to impact, grind and crush the targe materials. The size of granules can be achieved by changing of the screen.

Oil Melting Oven

Oil Melting Oven

Model: MRY500
Capacity: 500KG
Melting Time: 1h-3h
Heating method: Steam heating/ electrical heating
Overall size: Ø800*1150 mmUniplast Die Forming Machine

Conche Chocolate Refiner

Conche/Chocolate Refiner

These Refiner / Conches are one of the essential equipment during the chocolate processing, supplied complete with master control console and power-assisted pressure control for increasing and decreasing of pressure. The machine is fitted with its own extract unit and the delivery end is fitted with a sampling valve and take off valve. This machine will produce high-quality milk, dark and white chocolates, pralines, truffles, compounds and many other products.

Chocolate Warm-Keeping Storage Tank

Chocolate Warm-Keeping Storage Tank

Chocolate warm keeping tank is one of the essential equipment during the chocolate processing. It is used for the warm –keeping storage of the refined chocolate paste, which can meet the technical requirement of the continuous chocolate production. The tanks not only have the functions of cooling, warming, and warm-keeping, but also can continuously make the stirring, which have the functions of de-gassing, de-odor, de-water, and preventing the separation of mass and fat.

Chocolate Sticks Extruder Machine

The filling ingredient is put into the vessels equipped with thermostats respectively and various shapes of solid and hollowed chocolate bars are formed through feeding and squeezing devices. It’s able to produce bars unlimited long

QJ-PLC Controller

PLC Controller

Siemens | Panasonic | Omron brand PLC

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