Project Description

GD50 Small scale multi fuction Candy Process Line


This machine is small scale candy depositing line.

  • This machine can produce different kinds of deposited hard candies, jelly candies, toffees and other candies .
  • This machine has compact structure ,stable performance and easy control.
  • The depositing volume can be adjusted optionally. This machine can run with stepless speed adjustment as per the requirement
  • This machine is installed with the automatic mould tracing and detecting device.
  • This machine is controlled by PLC program setting which can let the machine running smoothly and accurately.
  • Compressed air or servo motor is the power for the machine’s running, and It can make the whole surrounding of operation to be sanitary, cleanliness and meet the requirement of GMP.

It uses the electrical heating/or gas cooker, and does not need a steam boiler. It is suitable for the initial investment.

GD50 Production Line Drawing

GD50 Production Line Drawing

Hard Candy Samples

Main Technical Parameters

Production capacity   kg/h70~100
Available candy weight2~6g/pc
Electric power needed8.5kw/380V
Depositing speed15~35strokes/min
Dimension5700*800*1700 mm
Gross weight1500KG

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    The Machinery to Produce Hard Candy


    GD50 Cooking Unit

    • Uses conducting oil heating to melt sugar material, then automatic mixing;
    • Syrup holding tank(50L) + feeding pump+ jacket pipes
    FCA Dosing and Mixing Unit

    Dosing and Mixing Unit

    Accurate metering system with pluger type pump driven by a common variable speed unital for the injection of the liquid additives(flavor, color and acid), the additives are thoroughtly mixed into the cooked mass by jacket stainless inline mixer; in FCA system, it ensures that the end product will always be of a consistent and high quality. Compact design, and fully qutomatic operation.

    GD50 Depositor

    GD50 Depositor

    • Food standard Sus304 made
    • Hoppers:2
    • Speed: 30~40 strokes/min
    • Servo motor: TECO
    • PLC control
    • HMI touch screen
    GD50 Cooling Tunnel

    GD50 Cooling Tunnel

    • Length of tunnel: 3m
    • Air conditioner: 1.5HP
    • Auto-demould device
    • Stainless Steel made frame and cover


    • Aluminum with teflon coating /silicon made
    • Mould size:320x74mm
    • 2D or 3D moulds are available

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