Project Description


  • Underband Servo-drive designed deposit: All drive components are mounted on the machine(underband) rather than on the depositing head
  • The unique design is in compact and simple, which can reduce the movement inertia and weight of the depositing head, thus it can achieve higher the depositor’s running speed to maximize output capacity
  • Machine is hydraulic free, thus to avoid the risk of oil leakage onto the products
  • Simple maintenance requirement
  • three axis servo control ensures the complete control over the depositing process

Section Consists of

  1. Servo motor controlled Depositor
  2. Mould carrier conveyor system
  3. Air conditioner
  4. Discharge Conveyor
  5. De-moulding device
  6. Cooling tunnel Body & cover
  7. Mould oil sprayer
  8. Cooling tunnel

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