Project Description

TE600 Flat- Lollipop Production Line


The production line is a complete plant for making different kinds of die-formed flat lollipops.
The line combined flat lollipop & wrapping machine( 2 in 1) new version.

Lollipop Samples

Main Technical Parameters

Production capacity   ( pcs/h)300~350pcs/min
Gross weight of lollipop(g)5~15
Length of stick available(mm)60~100mm
Diameter of the stick available(mm)Dia.3.2~4.0mm
Steam consumption    (kg/h)300
Steam pressure        (Mpa)0.2~0.6
Electric power needed2.2kw/380V
Conditions needed for the cooling system:
1.Room temperature(℃)20~25
2.Humidity (%)55
Length of the whole line   (m)12m
Gross weight           ( Kgs)Approx.5000

The Machinery to Produce Flat-Lollipop

Candy Cooker

Sugar Dissolving Cooker

  • Full Stainless Steel 304 whole compact set for the dissolving system(sugar dissolving cooker, gear pump, and storage tank are installed in a compact SS frame body), it saves the space, and is easy for maintenance.
  • Improved connection makes no leakage of the steam.
  • Stainless steel syrup pump replaces the old steel pump, more durable and hygiene.
LX400 Vacuum Cooker With Vacuum Pump

LX400 Vacuum Cooker With Vacuum Pump

  • Feed pump
  • Coil type cooker
  • Vacuum chamber
  • Vacuum pump
  • 2 sets of rotating cooker
  • Food standard Stainless Steel 304 made
Cooling Table

Cooling Table

  • Food Standard Stainless Steel 304 made
  • Size: 1800x800x1000mm
Batch Roller

Batch Roller

  • Heater Power: 1.2KW
  • Motor: 0.75KW
  • Dimension: 3400×700×1400mm
  • Weight: 500KGS
Rope Sizer

Rope Sizer

  • Motor: 0.75KW
  • Dimension: 1010×645×1200mm
  • Weight: 320KGS
TE600 High-speed flat-type Lollipop die-forming and wrapping machine

High-speed Flat-type Lollipop Die-forming and Wrapping Machine

  • High stability and easy for the operation;
  • Moulds are made of high-quality steel, long-shelf life; High precision
  • Uniplast dies change can be completed within several minutes
TE600 Lollipop die-forming mold

Lollipop Die Mould

  • Made of high quality steel, long-shelf life;
  • High precision

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