Project Description


The production line is a fully automatic complete plant for making different kinds of die-formed hard candies.

Main Technical Parameters

Production capacity500kg/h1000kg/h
Weight of CandyMax 6gMax 6g
Steam consumption kg/h500kg/h750kg/h
Steam pressure0.8-1.0Mpa(8-10bar)0.8-1.0Mpa(8-10bar)
Electric power needed50KW75KW
1.Room temperature20~25℃20~25℃
2.Humidity (%)55%55%
Length of plantApprox 25mApprox 30m

Candy Samples

Production Line Details

The Machinery to Produce Lollipop

Auto-weighing system (COOLMIX)

Auto-weighing system (COOLMIX)

Auto-weighing system-AWS COOLMIX offers automatic weighing , mixing and feeding of raw materials with inline transportation to one or more cooking units, without heating or pre-dissolving.

Liquid Glucose Storage iSweetech

Liquid Glucose Storage

Liquid glucose storage vessel and feeding pump
Food standard Sus304 made
Hot water warm –keeping
Double jacket

Rapid Dissolving System(RDS)

Rapid Dissolving System

RDS means rapid dissolving system. The whole pre-cooking process is very short, the syrup will be no burnt-out under a relative low temperatur. The syrup is clear and transparent. That is the core of making final good quality products. It is an energy saving dissolving.

FCC Pipe cooking with flash vacuum chamber

Pipe Cooking With Flash Vacuum Chamber(FCC)

The plant is comprises of cooker, flash-off chamber, feeding pump, discharge pup, vacuum system, and automatic steam control system. All the cooking parameters are controlled via a PLC controller. The mass are transported via the loading and unloading pumps controlled by frequency inverters…

FCA Dosing and Mixing Unit

Dosing and Mixing Unit

Accurate metering system with pluger type pump driven by a common variable speed unital for the injection of the liquid additives(flavor, color and acid), the additives are thoroughtly mixed into the cooked mass by jacket stainless inline mixer; in FCA system, it ensures that the end product will always be of a consistent and high quality. Compact design, and fully qutomatic operation.

Batch Roller

Batch Roller

  • Heater Power: 1.2KW
  • Motor: 0.75KW
  • Dimension: 3400×700×1400mm
  • Weight: 500KGS
Rope Sizer

Rope Sizer

  • Motor: 0.75KW
  • Dimension: 1010×645×1200mm
  • Weight: 320KGS
Uniplast Lollipop Die Forming Machine

Uniplast Lollipop Die Forming Machine

The machine can make different sizes of ball-type lollipops, also can make the central- filling lollipops. It is stepless-speed adjusted, and combines the process of syrup auto-feeding, auto stick-insertion, lollipop forming and outgoing in one machine. It can be used for making different sizes of lollipops

TG-Lollipop Die Mould

Lollipop Die Mould

  • Made of high quality steel, long-shelf life;
  • High precision
TG PLC Control System

TG PLC Control System

Full PLC control and touch screen provide full process operation. Recipe management and alarm handling; Accurate control of the product dimensions and weight.

Cooling Tunnel With Refrigerator

Cooling Tunnel With Refrigerator

  • Cooling Layers: 3-7layers
  • Transporting belt speed: Max.5.5m/min
  • Speed of sieve plate swing: 76times/min
  • Power of convey motor: 0.5kw
  • Power of main motor: 1.5kw
  • Power of Compressor: 7.5kw

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