Project Description


  • Batch wise jelly mass cooking system offers a feeding, cooking and mixing of raw materials for all type of continuous jelly candy production
  • Full stainless steel SUS304 made
  • Flexible: Design and construction of the cooking and mixing for preparing all types of jelly mass, such as pectin, galantine, agar-agar, starch, gum Arabic, etc.)
  • Compact and modular in construction and features central connections for services(steam, air, water, electricity) resulting in a short start-up time

Batch-wise Jelly Cooking System Consists of

  1. Sugar dissolving cooker
  2. Gelatin/pectin dissolving cooker
  3. Buffer tank
  4. Mixing tank
  5. Pump
  6. Jacket pipes, valves, and frames
  7. Hot-water generation tank 200l and pump
  8. Controlling cabinet

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