Project Description

QP150 Abnormal Shape Bubble Gum Producing Line Drawing
QP150 Abnormal Shape Bubble Gum Producing Line


The processing line is consists of mixer, extruder, forming machine, cooling tunnel, and sugar coating machine, it is an ideal solution for the requirements to produce bubble gum in various kinds of shapes, such as ball type, ellipse, water melon, dinosaur egg, flagon, and so on, with pleasant shape and reliable perfomance, the plant is easy to be operated and maintained.

Main Technical Parameters

ExtruderFour screws
Forming machineGum size dia12-22 on damend
Cooling tunnelcooling temperature 10-50℃
Sugar coating machinedia 800, 1000

Production Line Details

QP150 Abnormal Shape Bubble Gum Transporting

Bubble Gum Samples

The Machinery to Produce Bubble Gum

Sugar Powder Machine

Sugar Powder Machine

This machine is suitable for material crushing by the industries of Pharmaceutics, chemical, and foodstuff etc.

This machine uses the relative movement between the active fluted disc and the fixed to impact, grind and crush the targe materials. The size of granules can be achieved by changing of the screen.

Gum Base Oven

Gum Base Oven

Gum Mixer

Gum Mixer

  • Food standard tainless Steel 304 made
  • Stirring speed:
    n1= 42 r/min
    n2= 26 r/min
GF-Gum Extruder

Gum Extruder

  • Food standard stainless steel 304 made
  • Screw type
  • Nos of screw: 2
  • Drive power:3kw
Jam Center-Filling Machine

Jam Center-Filling Machine

  • Food standard tainless Steel 304 made
  • Volume:50Liter
  • Double-jacket
  • Stirrer:0.75kw
QP150-Transporting Conveyor

Transporting Conveyor

Ball Gum Forming Machine

Ball Gum Forming Machine

QP - Cooling Box

QP – Cooling Box

QP150 Coating Pan

Coating Pan

The machine is used for polish different kinds of products, such as chocolate bean, jelly candies, etc.

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